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Fuse FM is a radio station for students, by students. Broadcasting from the University of Manchester's Student's Union, we bring you all the latest music,...

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GOLD Best Male Presenter: Rob Howard (52)


I‚??m Rob Howard and I study History at¬†Nottingham¬†University .¬† After arriving at uni I realised that subsidised drinking alone wasn‚??t really enough to qualify as a hobby so decided to get involved at URN. Steve Merchant is a bit of a hero of mine and I found out student radio was how he got into media, so figured I would give it a try too. I loved it and have been doing a show for the best part of two years now. I love new music and attempting to be entertaining and so radio was a perfect fit.

At first I presented the show as part of a double header with a mate. ¬†However this year his work schedule increased, from none, to little, and so I‚??ve had to present a number of our shows on my own.¬† I try and make the show as light hearted as possible. I know when I tune into radio I want the presenter to just play good music and then make me laugh where possible, so that‚??s what I try to do. ¬†It‚??s not exactly groundbreaking comedy, with features such as ‚??Lord of the Ringers‚?Ě where I looked for the best Gollum impressionist on campus, but I try to have a bit of a laugh with it.

I also try to involve the audience as much as possible. Every topic chosen for the show is stuff I reckon will be of interest to the student audience, things that they can relate to and engage with, so hopefully they will get involved and text in. For me the best part of presenting a show is when the listeners get involved as it shows you‚??ve interested them to a point where they will actually go out of their way to get in touch. That‚??s actually why I enjoy radio so much as it‚??s live and interactive and you can get people drawn in. My best shows, on my own or with my co-presenter, have always been when the listeners have got involved and we‚??ve just rolled with the punches. ¬†

For each show I actually do quite a lot of preparation and planning. The majority of it is thinking of interesting topics or different angles on popular topics so you can try and sound a bit different from everyone else. I also make all my own beds and jingles, which can be very time consuming but production is actually something I really enjoy. I do feel a bit of a geek sat on editing for software for hours but I find it strangely therapeutic; the 21st Century poetry jingle, which is included on the audio, was actually created a day before my dissertation was in! As well as finding it enjoyable, I think good production massively increases the quality of the output and it just sounds a bit better.

Since doing student radio I have decided that my dream career would be as a radio presenter. I know it‚??s a very competitive industry but I just thought that it would be better to try and chase the dream and take a risk rather than in ten years time be sat wishing I‚??d made a go of it. In order to focus on radio and garner some experience from local radio I‚??ve had to massively cut back on certain aspects of my social life, nights out for me are becoming rarity, well rare by student standards anyway. However for me it‚??s a no brainer as radio is what I love to do.