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Tone Radio

University of Gloucestershire

The Student Radio Station for the University of Gloucestershire. Open to everyone so get involved! We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with programming...

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Welcome to The Student Radio Awards 2013, supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio

The Student Radio Awards are the definitive celebration of student radio. Over the years student radio has launched the careers of Kevin Greening, Scott Mills, Kevin Hughes, Simon Mayo and Alex Zane to name but a few. The student radio awards serves both to celebrate the diversity of content and talent in student radio and to help launch the next generation of radio talent into the radio industry.

The awards are announced at a prestigious London venue in November each year in a Star Studded award ceremony to rival even the biggest awards in the media world. Winners of gold awards in all categories receive prizes from the sponsors including work experience on big radio shows, one off shows on major networks or even equipment for their stations.

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Awards Photos
Check out the photos from last year's awards!
Kevin Greening
Kevin Greening was one of the brightest lights of the radio industry - we dedicated a special creativity award to him...
Student Radio Association
Find out more about the student radio association - who run the awards, the annual conference, national student radio chart show and more...!